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Way back in 2004 I was nothing but bones and a bit of skin stretched over them. Bad eye even back then, but I just tried to keep it closed- don't even remember anymore how I got it.  Fleas everywhere, but hey it wasn't my fault!  A little embarrassing I know.

I hung around a house where they tossed out leftovers once in a while, but really the pickin's were slim. I did have one friend, his name was Salem. He was worse off than me, but he at least had two eyes and could spot that food as soon as it hit the ground. He was usually on it in a heartbeat and since I was his bud, I got to get a few bites of it too. That is how I survived- because of Salem and the bugs.

Then one day, Salem was gone. My best friend! Where was he??

Not long after Salem disappeared, I was trapped and taken to a place people talked to me in soft voices... I began to fade out.....but there! In my dreams did I see Salem?

When I woke up I was wrapped up in a blanket and feeling a bit groggy. What the heck, my bottom hurt and so did my ear. I knew it - they were Aliens!  Well, my eye felt better anyway. Maybe they used their magic radar on it.

When the next day arrived, the door to my prison opened and guess who arrived to make things all better!! It was Salem! Wow! It's all ok now.... World is complete.  Someone just like me.


Salem and Elam lived as clinic cats because they had too many medical issues from their years of malnutrition and neglect. They were fairly social and became more so. Salem passed from the effects of his hard life soon after but had a wonderful 8 months where he was loved and nurtured and his belly was always full.

Elam missed him terribly and we had to give him time to mourn his loss and a lot of extra attention. He has lived at CTCH since 2004 and is the Official Greeter. His right eye was removed and he has only one remaining tooth, but make no mistake, he is Boss Man.  You may find him waiting to check you out at the reception area and if you are a good listener and have a calm way, he might just tell you some of his tales of adventure. More probably though he will merely look at you with his one half-good eye- sizing you up I am sure- and go curl up with his newest friend, Chessie, on a nice, comfy pillow, to snooze the afternoon away.

I think he is dreaming of the good life now and in his way, thanking all of us at Shadow Cats and Central Texas Cat Hospital for making a difference in his life.... although we still think he believes we are aliens....

 In November of 2016 Elam moved on to live with Anna, our Practice Manager where he will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.



When Zeta was rescued by Shadow Cats from the Z Tejas restaurant area (hence her name- Zeta) and brought into CTCH for care, she knew in that instant that Dr. Smith meant the difference between life and death for her, and that she has never forgotten.

So if you notice a gorgeous long haired cat sitting quietly in Dr. Smith's chair or resting calmly next to him, you'll know who it is, and that she was rescued from the street life and is repaying her guardian with devotion.   (During the summer months you can also see her chic "lioness" haircut!)

Make no mistake, this is an independent and headstrong girl and she does not feel that way about the rest of us!

Zeta has since gone blind due to her age but makes her way around the hospital just fine.  Still as independent as ever but if you find yourself at the hospital be on the look out for her because you can see her but she can not see you and she is not always able to get out of the way.

Sadly, Zeta passed away in 2015.





Chessie was found at an apartment complex in a much weakened state.  Her eyes were matted closed and her body was covered in large scabs.  Chessie was diagnosed with mange and treated with a series of Lyme sulfa dips at CTCH.

Her fur coat will never be lush again, but she is a very happy cat these days.  Still a little shy around people but with a little coaxing and gentleness she loves to be petted and loves attention.  If you really want to get her attention, all you need is a bag of treats!  She may be small, but the girl can eat!

Chessie has also found a new love here at Central Texas Cat Hospital, his name is Elam.  Elam is the hospitals Official Greeter and now apparently Chessie's official boyfriend.  On most days you can find them both snuggled up together on the couch in the reception area. 

Sadly, in 2016 Chessie passed away.  She was surrounded by love and will be greatly missed.




I had lots of brothers and sisters and we were all sick when we first came to Central Texas Cat Hospital though Shadow Cats. We had lots of things going on, but we knew one thing at least, we were lucky!  A Shadow Cats volunteer found us and decided we needed help!  So she scooped us all up and helped us get the care we all needed. Everyone got much better and eventually everyone found their own home -all except me.

My name is Iris and I am the last one left here.  No one picked me. I know I was the tiniest of the litter and I had some issues, but really, they weren't such big deals! My eyes are a little cloudy because of the terrible respiratory infection we had and now although they may look funny, I can see just fine, thank you very much!  I play and run and do everything just like any other kitty.  Being so sick when I was little has kept me small. Everyone thinks I am about six months old but I am an adult kitty!




Harley and Sabrina were adopted but before Sebastian had a chance to find his forever home he became gravely ill from a viral infection. Despite intensive treatment, his condition continued to worsen.

However, when he lifted his head and looked at you with those great amber eyes, he seemed to be saying, "Hold on! Wait! Give me a chance!" So that is what we did.

Now would you look at our sweet, very healthy boy?  You are sure to see him hanging out at the front desk or just sleeping tucked out of the way somewhere near.

Sebastian came to CTCH through Shadow Cats and their Trap, Neuter and Return program.  He, along with his brother Harley and sister Sabrina were trapped nearly 7 years ago. These sweet cats were not released back into their environment but instead went into foster care for more socialization.




I'm Gypsy and I am amazing!  That's what Dr. Smith tells me.  I was abandoned in December 2006.  I was having seizures and was very weak and unable to walk more than a few steps without falling over.  I was determined to keep going though and the staff could see my determination.  After months of modifying and working with my medications  to find the right balance together with lots of love and care-  my seizures subsided and I my physical strength caught up to my emotional strength.                                                                                                                                                       

I still have neuromuscular problems and I wobble when I walk and sometimes fall over.  I can't always move very quickly, but if you are lucky, you will catch me on a good day and see me bounding down the hallway with my signature "ferret run"!   If I seem to be having trouble and you put a hand out to help me do not be offended if I don’t accept assistance.  I am a very independent lady!  If you are still concerned about me you can let a staff member know I am having trouble. I will be on meds for the rest of my life but I don't mind, I get treated like a princess here..





It was pouring down rain the day Howie came to CTCH.  A soaking wet woman stepped into the hospital with an equally drenched cat she had found by a dumpster.  The cat was emaciated, had a severely mangled eye and was in a coma.  He looked like he'd been hit by a car and burned at some point.  The kind woman feared this grey kitty was too far gone to save.  She just wanted him to have a peaceful end.

 Before that could be decided though, he needed to be examined and evaluated by the doctors. Every so often you would hear "how is he" ring down the hospital halls.  Turns out, Howie was a fighter.  He started to respond to treatment and in a few days he was strong enough for the surgery to remove his bad eye.  Before long he was purring and trying to get the attention of everyone who walked by.    Soon he was allowed freedom within the hospital.  Howie wanted to be every cat's BFF but he always came on a little too strong.  Big, goofy and into everything!

Howie is extraordinarily smart and understands the English language perfectly. He can't speak but he can comprehend!  The one word he can't seem to master is NO! 

In November of 2016 Keshia, our veterinary technician took Howie home to live with her.  Since Howie would follow her around the hospital like a dog we thought it to be the best thing for Howie and we were right he loves living with Keshia and her family.





Elsie was found at the side of a garbage dumpster in 2011. She could move her upper body but her rear legs were immobile.  She could not fend for herself or protect herself in any way- she was helpless. 

Fortunately for sweet Elsie, she was rescued and brought to CTCH where it was determined she was indeed paralyzed from midsection down.  Given time, she has not regained any further mobility in her legs and her paralysis is permanent.   Elsie has no bladder or bowel control but over time and with regular manual expressions, she has developed a fair amount of bowel regularity.  She is manually expressed of urine throughout the day although she does have some accidents.  Elsie receives baths and routine care to keep her skin from breaking down.

Despite all this, Elsie sees the glass half full- not half empty.   She pulls herself around and manages to find the perfect sunbeam that feels just right!  Elsie has a kitty cart although she prefers to get around without it.  She is sweet natured but has a mind of her own- just try getting her to do something she doesn’t want to do… 

We all love Elsie tremendously!

Because of the level of care she receives, Elsie will continue to live her life to its very best at our hospital.   We are attuned to her needs and will always do whatever is in her best interest.  For now, she is a loving and sweet cat, playing with toy mice and eating whatever she wants within the safety of CTCH.





Lydia came to us as a tiny kitten.  She had been found outside with lacerations all over her tiny body.  It was assumed at the time it was assumed something had attacked her.  So she was brought in to see what could be done for her. 

We bandaged the small kitten up, started her on medications to prevent infection and hoped for the best. After being with us for a while, it was realized she was very slow to heal.  She would be allowed out of her kennel to get some exercise, and it was then it was realized that new lacerations had shown up and that she could injure herself very easily.  She was then diagnosed with a very rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome causes the connective tissue of the body to be very fragile.  It is a disease characterized by deficient levels of collagen, the protein molecule necessary for providing strength and elasticity to the skin and ligaments, along with much of the rest of the body. The condition is a hereditary disorder characterized by skin that is unusually stretchy and droopy. It is caused by a genetic mutation that is passed from parent to offspring.  Skin and tissue samples cannot determine this condition, it is diagnosed through observation.

Lydia will always have this disease and will require our care for the rest of her life.  We keep her safe by keeping her skin covered as much as possible and keeping her in a soft e-collar to prevent her from scratching herself which she could cause damage just by scratching too hard. Lydia loves her life here at CTCH and loves all the other kitties here for her to play with.  We have to keep a close eye on her while playing with others so she will not injure herself. 

Lydia was pretty shy when she first came to the hospital and would rarely venture out front to our reception area.  Now we are finding her more and more running and playing up front.  If you are here and the reception area is not real busy you may just get a chance to meet her in person.  She is absolutely adorable.

In November of 2016, Dr. Murdock could no longer stand it and took Lydia home to live with her and her family.  Lydia never missed a beat and now is treated like the little princess she is.  What could be better than living with a veterinarian when you are a cat right?