Central Texas Cat Hospital

2111 Sam Bass Rd. Ste. A-700
Round Rock, TX 78681



Surgical  Suite

Central Texas Cat Hospital is proud of its state of the art surgical suite.  It is equipped  with a heated surgery table, forced warm air surgical heat (Bahr hugger), suction and human quality surgical monitors. Our monitoring systems measure oxygen saturation, pressure, EKG, core body temperature and end tidal CO2.  The recovery area is heated and constantly observed. Anesthetic depth is minimized with the use of pre-surgical and intra perative pain management. Multimodal pain control allows us to send your pet home pain-free after surgery.

Recent studies have shown that animals that are not painful heal faster and return to normal appetite and activity quicker than animals that do not receive analgesic treatment. Our surgical teams are well trained in routine, emergency and cutting edge procedures.  They attend continuing education each year to stay well informed and familiar with the latest advances in feline surgical procedures.




Radiology is a valuable tool for diagnosis in the feline patient. It can be used to detect or isolate skeletal and joint problems. In addition, x-ray images are invaluable in the evaluation of thoracic disease (pneumonia, heart disease, tumors) and abdominal problems (bladder stones, organ enlargement, gastric or intestinal disease). Because capturing a good diagnostic x-ray requires the patient to remain completely still, it is sometimes necessary for your cat to be sedated or anesthetized before taking the radiograph. We often consult with a board certified radiologist if we have questions about our films. He is also available for ultrasound evaluation of both the chest and the abdominal cavity. Ultrasound is a quick, painless test that can often speed the diagnosis of disease and spare the cat from the discomfort and the guardian from the expense of exploratory surgery.







Here at CTCH we maintain an inventory of pharmaceuticals to accommodate most of our patients' medical needs.  If we do not have the medicine required for your cat, we will call in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.  We never mind supplying our clients with a written script or faxing one if they can find the medicine at a more affordable price or more convenient location.  Our priority is making sure our patients get the medication they need whether it is from us or elsewhere.

We also carry heartworm preventative and can set up an individualized flea control program to meet the need of each cat and his environment.

We carry prescription diets and provide dietary counseling for our clients to educate them on what food is best suited to their cat's health and weight.








As a special service for our clients, we provide boarding.  We extend our excellence in feline medicine and care for the cats that are staying at our hospital, or "spa" as our clients like to call it.  Each kitty receives two adjoining condos which have an opening between the two to allow your to kitty pass from one to the other and gives them a little me room to move around while staying with us.  We can also join multiple condos which will allow for multi-cat parents to keep their companions all together while they are away.

All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff.  Our staff takes the time to allow your kitty out of their condo to play and stretch their legs a little in the safety of our boarding room.  Your companion will receive the interaction cats crave while staying with us. 

We encourage clients to bring something from home (that will fit in a cat condo) to help make their cat's stay more relaxed.  Clients are free to call as often as they like for status reports on their companions while they are staying with us.  We also send home a vacation report after the stay.  This report will honestly detail how each cat did while staying with us so you will know if boarding is too stressful for your companion and if you find that it is we can supply you with different options while you have to be away from home.


Cats may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday. 



Isolation Room 



The Iso room at CTCH has been specially designed to Dr. Smith's specifications.  Each multi-tiered condo has its own ventilation system.  This allows us to care for cats with contagious conditions, such as upper respiratory infections.  These condos are housed in their own room in the hospital to further eliminate any possibility of airborne infections.







 In House Laboratory 


CTCH has an in house, state of the art laboratory which provides for our more immediate need cases.  We also utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.